[Inflatable Boat Fabrics]
  Test Method Unit Standard Remark
 Total Weight FS-191b-5041 oz / sq.yd 30  
 Coating     PVC  
 Base FabricDenier     Polyester
 Base Fabric Weight   oz / sq.yd 7  
 Vinyl Weight   oz / sq.yd 23  
 Surface     Matt  
 Tensile Strength FS-191b-5102 lbs. / inch 420X390 Cut-Strip
 Tear Strength FS-191b-5136 lbs. 70X60 Single-Tongue
 Adhesion FS-191b-5970 lbs. / inch 20X17  
 UV Resistance     Ultra Violet Protected  
 Cold Crack MIL-C-20696 F -55 Option
 Flame Retardant NFPA 701or CSFM   Pass  
 Available Width   inch 61.5  
 Standard Roll Length   yd / roll 50  
 Remark Stock Colors Available in ; Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Sand, Light Green, Green, Olive Green, Light Teal, Dark Teal, Light Gray, Gray, White, BlackCustom Colors Available.
  We believe this information is the best currently available specification and above are average of our test result.
All our technical characteristics are indicated with a 5% tolerance.