[Inflatable Boat Fabrics]
  Test Method Unit Standard Remark
 Total Weight FS-191b-5041 oz / sq.yd 42  
 Coating     PVC  
 Base FabricDenier     Polyester
 Base Fabric Weight   oz / sq.yd 8  
 Vinyl Weight   oz / sq.yd 34  
 Surface     Matt  
 Tensile Strength FS-191b-5102 lbs. / inch 470X420 Cut-Strip
 Tear Strength FS-191b-5136 lbs. 110X100 Single-Tongue
 Adhesion FS-191b-5970 lbs. / inch 20X17  
 UV Resistance     Ultra Violet Protected  
 Cold Crack MIL-C-20696 F -55 Option
 Flame Retardant NFPA 701or CSFM   Pass  
 Available Width   inch 61.5  
 Standard Roll Length   yd / roll 50  
 Remark Stock Colors Available in ; GrayCustom Colors Available.
  We believe this information is the best currently available specification and above are average of our test result.
All our technical characteristics are indicated with a 5% tolerance.